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She never says no.

She never has a bedtime.

She never has to go to work tomorrow.

She never has children that keep her awake at night.

She neverevereverever has her period.

She never needs you.

She never has to pay bills

or buy groceries.

She never burns herself while she’s cooking

spaghetti. She never gets angry at you

for not being available.

She never really tries to talk to you,

never wants to know how you feel.

She’s always right there for you,

knows just how you like it, and she

never asks for anything in return.

She’s never made a mistake that you can’t

just hit the back button to remedy.

She’ll suck your cock noisily just like you like.

She’ll even be a man whenever you want.

I hate her.  She stole my life.

She loves you lonely, and bored,

and depressed.

She’ll tell you to lie and blame it on me.

She wants you all to herself.

She’ll do everything you want

with a point and a click.

She makes your cock weak when

you’re with me, with her death-grip

and her P-I-E-D.

She makes you hate me for who I am.

When I take off my clothes,

she’s always right behind you,

whisper-licking in your ear.

When you touch my breasts,

it’s her hands I feel.

Her goal is to devour you,

to control you, and yet

ironically, that’s how you see me instead.

She can’t care if you’re happy.

She’ll always be dirtysweetshameguilttorture.

She can’t care for you when you grow old.

She can’t give you her heart and her soul.

She won’t ever be proud of you.

She can’t teach your children to be happy or

wise.  She won’t accept your quirky

character traits, or your beautiful flaws.

She’ll never support your decisions, or help

you up when you fall.

She’ll never give you hope or reassure you

with faith.  She’ll never share your dreams.

She won’t ever in a million years try like hell

to give you children and fail.  She’ll never need

you to hold her or touch her.

She’ll never choose you over everyone else.

But go on and love her, if that’s what you will.