I’m taking the GRE next week, so this week, I have been studying and preparing my thesis proposal at the same time.  Whoever mapped out this portion of the journey (that would be me) must have been on acid.  I wasn’t on acid though.  Pity. No one told me any of this stuff.  They just said that I needed to take the GRE before the end of October so there would be enough time for my scores to reach my prospective universities.  So I did like any other self-respecting grad student would do and waited until October to take the damn thing!  Brilliant!!

I’ve generated several memes on social media to indicate my truest feelings about the GRE – mostly related to monkeys using tools and prolific usage of the “F” word.  I feel like a ninth grader wailing about how I will NEVER use math with letters in it in real life, and this time I know what I am talking about because I have NEVER used math with letters in it.