She was such a beautiful white girl

all promise and prestige,

loveliness in her smile and her little turned up nose

bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as they say.

The world is a brown-shirted

jack-booted skinhead thug

who smashes her face against the broken asphalt

slices her tits

and sews her labia shut

“That’ll teach you to talk back, slut!”

I’m just a fat, stubborn swayback

old mule now

with the weight of the world on my back

with malice aforethought I trudge with my eyes clenched shut

Through a dark jungle, rotting and smelling

of groceries, dinner, bills, dishes, dogs, kids, and men

not thankful enough for my good soft mud.

I’m just like Small Pig,

and the world of concrete will never let me forget

where my place is.