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NO they have not responded yet.  Every previous paper rejection has been swift and rendered me unconscious so that I did not have to feel the pain.  This.  This is like bleeding to death from a million paper cuts.

I am Sharla’s festering Anxiety.

I am Sharla’s lack of any freestanding inherent self-worth.

Where is Tyler Durden when you REALLY need him?

Tell me, Someone, Oh Anyone, this paper has been sitting in someone’s inbox since April.  They say You can’t Send the Paper to Anyone Else on the Planet until they’re done with you.  Is that true?  Will there be a tear in the Space-Time Continuum if I do send the same paper somewhere else before they’re done with me?  Will a black hole swallow the universe?

Poor little disheveled Gustav von Aschenbach…lying unrecognized in someone’s email inbox for four whole months.  Poor little artiste!  He’s stuck in there, UnTranscended.  It’s a crime against nature, I tell you!!