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So, one woman-child is leaving (again) on Aug. 15 and the other one is leaving Aug. 22.  When we get back from taking Sunshine to Waco, we are going to a kennel in Oklahoma City to see ten dogs.  Pray to whatever cosmic force you do that I will not cry on the way home because I cannot take all ten dogs…it will happen.  I promise I will cry about not being able to take all ten dogs.

We decided that life must go on and it cannot without another pup.  I think Manny would approve of us getting another pup from the kennel where we found him.  I can almost feel his wet nose nudging my elbow.  So we have lots to choose from, and we’re going to take our time.  It would be nice to maybe get two, maybe there’s a couple there who cannot be separated.  Fingers crossed Big Daddy will be okay with two!! 🙂

Support your local no-kill shelters and rescue organizations!  Freely support them.  If I had known about breed rescues, I might not have had children.  I might have decided to be covered up in Dogs!!