Why is an “About” page so daunting?  When we talk about ourselves, we feel like blowhards, maybe?  I am a mom, a graduate student, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.  I’m a dog lover, well, a my dog dog lover.

2012-10-27_14-34-17_795Who wouldn’t love this dog?  I don’t want to know the person who wouldn’t love this dog.  This dog is called “Manny.”  He is the center of the universe, the Alpha and the Omega of my life.  He was rescued by some lovely people in northern Oklahoma, and came to live with us at a time when we really needed something warm and fuzzy in our lives.  Not only is he warm and fuzzy, but he is a comedian, a nap artist, and a leftist intellectual.



I have three lovely daughters who have been trials and rewards all rolled into one phenomenal ongoing experience.  I am what I am: a lover of philosophy, music, and a nice turn of phrase, but it is the people in my life who shape me.  So my “about me” page is more about those people who make me.


Update 4/29/2015

Manny, the Rescue Pup, died on April 15.  He had an aggressive form of cancer:  epitheliotrophic lymphoma.  He was diagnosed on February 6.  If you have a pet and your vet ever makes you feel silly for bringing it in to inspect every little bump, then get a new vet.  ASAP.  There’s no time for that kind of behavior.  Our vet is amazing, and has inspected every bump, every appearance of a bump, every single eyebrow-raising issue with care and consideration.

No matter how painful it has been to lose Manny, I will never get any other dog than a rescue dog.  All dogs deserve the best in us because they consistently do their level best to give us the best in them.  It is only when we make it impossible for them to do so that they don’t.  A rescued dog or cat needs to be reassured that all members of our species are not neglectful, abusive, disinterested, or mean.  They’ve been punished for a human being’s shortcomings, not their own.  Dogs are sentient companions.  They’re not decorations.  They’re not a way to win over your kids.  They aren’t here to make you more popular than your ex.  Even if I have to go through epitheliotrophic lymphoma fifty more times, I will keep getting a rescue dog.  It’s the least I can do.  There are certainly challenges inherent in getting a rescue dog, but challenges are good for the soul when handled from a learning perspective.  Damn, I love that dog with all my heart.  If you’re lucky like me, you’ll end up with a dog who rescues you!  Support your local no-kill shelters and rescues.  It’s a good way to make our species worth the space we consume.


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